Nov 2nd Overage Charges Cancelled

Overage charges are causing some issues with some clients. I have decided to cancel overage billing.
If you have any outstanding invoices for overage charges please let me know and it will be cancelled.

Jul 31st Overage Bandwidth and Disk Space

At some time businesses may need to increase there hosting and bandwidth. As your Online business traffic increases so does your disk space and bandwidth for your Website, Emails and Cloud Storage. To prevent 'Downtime' or temporary access to your Hosting Account (Email/website/Cloud) due to going over your Bandwidth or Disk Space limits I have ... Read More »

Jul 28th Change of Bank Details

Bank details have changed to the following:
Suncorp Bank BSB: 484-799 ACC: 16-702798-2

Invoices and Emails will reflect this change. Please pay all future invoices to this account.

Jul 1st Website Backups

A lot of work is put into making sure your site runs smoothly from the server through to the website. One important aspect of your website is maintenance, as server applications improve and update, and any website applications such as a Content Management System (Like Joomla or Wordpress), older sites can produce errors and slow the site. Updates ... Read More »

Jan 11th Updated Terms & Conditions

Please see undated Terms and Conditions here -
hey relate to all products and services and browsing
If you have any quesions please open a support ticket.

Feb 29th Server Migration Scheduled

I am constantly looking at services and hardware to keep improving our hosting platform and improve server speed with modern infrastructure, the following physical migration of the server hardware is now scheduled.From: Sunday 13th March 2016 - 11:30PM To: Monday 14th February 2016 - 5:00AM Expected Downtime: Less than 4 hours   The Migration ... Read More »

Dec 25th - Client Portal Move Complete

Things are rather moving forward with the network move scheduled for the end of the year (in a few days). With movement completed, into the new year I will have time to build and improve the websites and networks that work with me. As a side note, Netlink Computers website will contiue to run until all data has been transfered to or ... Read More »

Jun 4th Scheduled Maintenance

Maintenance Start Date & Time (AEDT): Wednesday 18th June, 2014 04:00 AEST
Maintenance End Date & Time (AEDT): Wednesday 18th June, 2014 05:00 AEST
Status: Scheduled
Maintenance Type: Network Hardware Replacement
Expected Downtime:
Less than 30 minutes

Feb 12th Hosting Backups and Website Updates

Over the last few years we have done Nightly Backups, Security Fixes and Platform Updates to your websites and Hosting accounts for free.This can be compared to Network Maintenance where all of your backups, computer updates and security monitoring is updated, as we do for some of our clients at a recurring price.Both are as time intensive as each ... Read More »

Feb 11th Joomla 1.5 Website - Security Issues

This is a general Announcement to client who have a website created and managed by Netlink.Joomla 1.5 has reached EOL (End Of Life) and all Joomla 1.5 sites will require an upgrade to Joomla 2.5Your site should continue to function, and there are no forseeable issues, but security issues may appear that would make it vunurable to hacking if you do ... Read More »